Since 2014, I’ve produced, hosted, edited or published over 200 podcasts and counting. I also help others realize a podcasting reality by teaching the Podcasting Essentials SkillPop class. Here’s a quick look at some of these projects.

Final Round Radio: The internet’s top disc golf podcast, we’ve been recording Final Round Radio out of Charlotte since 2015 with some of the biggest names in the sport (Paul McBeth, Ricky Wysocki, Ken Climo to name a few). Check out finalroundradio.com and @finalroundradio on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

#DiscussCLT: In this bi-weekly podcast, my co-host Andy Smith and I explore some some of the most important civic issues of the day. Each episode brings you an in-depth discussion with local Charlotteans meant to spur discussion about the issues the city faces everyday. #DiscussCLT is a production of Charlotte magazine and powered by OrthoCarolina. Visit discussclt.com for more.

#CharlotteIsCreative: An extension of the monthly speaker series Creative Mornings Charlotte, the #CharlotteIsCreative podcast believes everyone is creative and everyone is welcome. Hosted by Tim Miner and Matt Olin, hear behind-the-scenes Q&A with each month’s guest speaker that goes beyond what you hear in the live presentation. Find out more in CharlotteFive.

Creative Mornings Charlotte

On Life and Meaning: This is a show I’m producing for my friend Mark Peres, formerly of Charlotte Viewpoint fame. From the website: “On Life and Meaning is a podcast about what matters most in our lives. We host conversations with interesting people about their lives and work. We explore human brilliance: our talents, endeavors, motivations and higher purposes. The show focuses on art, philosophy, leadership, literature, civic life and culture – seeking to inspire a more insightful and humane world.” Find On Life and Meaning on iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn Radio.

Piece of the Pai: CPA Nesha Pai talks entrepreneurship and finance with top small business owners. Pai’s wit and humor allows her guests to open up about the struggles and triumphs of owning their own businesses. Find Piece of the Pai on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio.

SkillPop: I’ve taught the SkillPop Podcasting Essentials class since 2016, and if you don’t know what SkillPop is, you should definitely check it out. They offer one-time hands-on instructional classes on a wide range of subjects including photography, hand-lettering, house buying, hip-hop dance, Adobe Illustrator, Instagram and yes, podcasting. Several of my former students have gone on to produce their own podcasts, including The Carolina Shout, Date Night with Jake and Page, Blue Skies and more. This article from Style Blueprint Charlotte says it better than I can.


SkillPop Podcasting Essentials