#photogohjo: 2017 Charlotte Pride


In just ten years, Charlotte Pride has grown to become one of the city’s largest outdoor festivals. This year’s event saw more than 150,000 people attending the two-day festival that stretched along the South Tryon St. in Uptown Charlotte. Here are a few stills from Saturday afternoon.





Pride makes for good images because of the bright and vibrant colors and equally colorful characters. It’s quite the departure from a normal day in Uptown Charlotte where the blue Oxford shirt keeps a steady strangle hold.



The juxtaposition of church and a celebration of gay pride is one that the presence of St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Uptown makes easy to portray.




Of course these guys were there. Compared to some of the more extreme versions of this ideology that have played out recently elsewhere, their interactions felt more like comic relief. I have to give them credit, they took a lot of shit and didn’t stand down.


365 Days of Modern Art

It’s been a little more than one year since I started my job at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. In that time, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to photograph the gorgeous Mario Botta-designed building on the southern side of Charlotte’s Uptown. I’d like to share a few of my favorite photos of the museum with you. This is the first of several photo essays on the Bechtler.

The Bechtler Building


The precise geometry of the building’s architecture can lead to some interesting optical illusions.


You can see the sparkled reflection of the Firebird against the bottom of the fourth floor in the early morning.


The cantilevered fourth floor column, like the rest of the museum, looks its best at night.


The right arch of the Firebird against the terra cotta exterior of the museum at night is gorgeous.


The cantilevered fourth floor column looks its best just before the sun rises.


The genius of the Bechtler’s design is the way the southern sun plays off of the different angles. It’s a new image at each hour of the day, every day.


The fourth floor column with Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #995