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Photo by Brian “BT” Twitty Photography

Be like water, my friend. – Bruce Lee

Welcome to the GohJo. Please bow your head before entering.

This is a place of respect, understanding and learning. My only requirements are that you bring an open mind, a desire for expansion and a warm heart.

This modest corner of the internet is the homepage of Andy Goh, digital marketer, professional podcaster, writer, amateur photographer, vocal talent and perpetual seeker of knowledge. A proud born and raised Hoosier paying rent in Charlotte, North Carolina, the GohJo is my own slice of digital real estate to showcase my work and pen my peculiar musings.

The title of this website – GohJo – comes from a portmanteau of my last name, Goh, and the word dojo, which is the name of the space in which martial arts are taught.

Take a few minutes to hear one of my podcasts – #DiscussCLT, Final Round Radio, #CharlotteIsCreative, On Life and Meaning and Piece of the Pai. Fulfill your morbid curiosities with my blog. Peep some pictures that I think are pretty (because I took them, natch). Email me (andy@gohjo.com) if you really want to get philosophical.

Thanks for visiting me at the GohJo. Remember to bow your head before you leave.

– Andy Goh

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